Ted Bundy was an American kidnapper, rapist, law student, crisis hotline volunteer, serial killer, and necrophiliac who was executed by the State of Florida on January 24, 1989.  During his years of his incarceration, he kept in contact with a woman in Washington State whom he knew from the the "Young Republicans" and whose families became friends.

8 1/2" x 14" one page handwritten letter hand dated August 4, 1980 written on yellow lined paper in which Ted talks about both of their families. Hand signed, Love, Ted.

Includes the original envelope mailed from death row postmarked August 6, 1980 and hand signed, T. Bundy with the recipient's and Bundy's complete address written by his hand. There is some scribble pon the front of the envelope most likely done by Bundy's longtime friend.


Ted Bundy Letter and Envelope Both Signed