Ted Bundy serial killer executed by the State of Florida January 24, 1989. Last Will and Testament of Theodore Robert Bundy 5 page copy dated January 23, 1989 duly witnessed by 3 and notarized. Each page was initialed by Ted Bundy and his full signature appears on page 5 with the witnesses and the notarization. According to the date stamps on this document copy ? this last will and testament, signed in Florida State Prison, Bradford County, Florida was recorded in the official Alachua County Fl. Legal records on June 26, 1989 at 8:47AM. This will provides for the payment of debts and expenses, payment of taxes, gifts of personal property, funeral arrangements (he requested to be cremated and his ashes spread over the Washington Cascade Mtns.), forwarding of mail after his death, appointment of Diana A. Weiner as his personal representative (John Tanner as an alternate), outlines powers of the personal representative and states that it is a ?non-mutual? will with his wife. The names and addresses of the three witnesses from Starke, Florida are on the last page.

Ted Bundy Last Will and Testament Copy 1989