Ted Bundy legal size folder labeled, ‘Leon County Medical Records.’ Included are 12 pages of original Leon County Jail copies of medical files from during the time of Bundy’s incarceration there, specifically May 13, 1979 through June 5, 1979. Included are, 2-page stapled report, page one is in regard of Bundy having been placed on, ‘suicide precautions’ as a result of his having made, ‘suicidal overtones.’ The second page is a memo overview of the doctor recommendation to start Bundy on a, ‘mild sedative.’

The next 4-page stapled report beings with a, 2-page report by an officer concerned that Bundy was on medication because he was slow to respond and slow to get ready for the exercise yard. It continues with the officer stating that he and a nurse went to inspect Bundy’s cell, upon inspection they confiscated ‘two white tablets.’ The third page, is the prior mentioned nurse giving her report of the officer’s concern for Bundy and the resulting search of his cell for medications. The last page is a memo from Bundy to the Director of Corrections, regarding his phone time and who he would like to call. Included in his request, Bundy complains that his cell is being searched during his absence, which he says is not a customary practice in other facilities. Bundy goes on to say that in the course of preparing for trial, these searches violate the security of his legal files as well as that of his attorney client privilege. In closing, Bundy writes, ‘let me please suggest that if someone gets it in his head to go rummaging about my cell, that he be duty bound to do his rummaging in my presence.”

The last 6-page stapled report beings with a memo from Bundy to the nurse regarding his tranquilizers. Bundy states that he is two weeks away from standing trial in the Chi Omega case. Hence, he has many decisions to make and the pressure is beginning to effect him and his ability to, ‘face these decisions calmly and rationally.’ Thus, he would like to talk to the doctor about receiving additional medication. The second page, is a memo from the following week from Bundy to the nurse. Stating that his request to see the doctor concerning additional medication seems to be going ignored. Bundy closes by saying, ‘there is no doubt in my mind that these emotional conditions are a real threat to my physical well-being, since associated with these stressful states is an ever growing urge to take my own life.’ The next 2 pages are a broken down dated overview of Bundy’s requests for medications and the resulting actions and responses from both the nurses and doctors. Highlighted are Bundy’s claims of feeling, ‘depressed and suicidal.’ The 5th page is a memo from Bundy to the nurse, concerning the tranquilizers he requested in connection with the court hearings. However, he claims they had no real effect. Bundy then goes on to explain his grogginess the day he was taken to the exercise yard and the pills confiscated from his cell (documented in reports earlier in the file). He closes by saying he hopes that they can straighten this out and that he is need of a tranquilizer. The last page is a memo from a nurse, going over the cell search for medication. She states that as no time did she or any of the officers have any contact with any of Bundy’s legal files or documents. She closes by saying that after the cell search and resulting confiscation of pills, Bundy was taken to the nurses clinic where his, ‘speech was slurred, pupils dilated and reactive, pulse strong and he appears drowsy.’ However, the doctor said that Bundy was in no real danger of overdose, he would just sleep.

Ted Bundy 1979 County Jail Medical Records 12 pages with Folder