Samuel Little aka Samuel McDowell is a serial killer who recently confessed to 93 murders in at least 16 states across the United States making him the most prolific serial killer in US history. Little passed away on December 30, 2020.


Handwritten letter written two months before the serial killer died in a prison hospital. Bizarre content from Little who writes, "Hi Ms. ___, I got your letter and was glad to receive i. I love the (illegible) of righteous living and the I am good and I am going to heaven. But you must think as God has already said there are non righteous. We are all murders. When you kill your childs character. When you break your mothers spirits, when you destroy the will to love when you hate another person. That is what makes you, me, every body, that does sin and sin is not just one who kills, a mouse kills. We are all killers I was killed when they told me I was ugly black nigger in school class in kindergarten. That my friend is the fact, don't point at me before you point at yourself. Don't throw rocks in a green house. Piece unto you my fellow sinner God Bless The Sinner. I am sorry I am not a great writer. :-("


He has signed not with his name, but with a hand drawn frown face. 


Includes the original prison stamped envelope postmarked October 29, 2020 and completely written by Little and hand signed, Sam Little.

Samuel Little God Bless The Sinner Letter With Signed Envelope