Robert 'Bob' Berdella, owner of Bob's Bizarre Bazaar in the Westport Flea Market, Kansas City, Missouri was a serial killer dubbed "The Kansas City Butcher" and "The Collector." Kidnapped, tortured, raped and dismembered at least six men between 1984 and 1987.

12" x 18" untitled watercolor painting on paper depicting and 
older woman with hand up to her face and a pearl necklace and orange background.

Includes a cut out stencil approximately 5" x 5 1/8" and made by Berdella in high school. Signed on the back, Berdella 9-17.
These Bob Berdella items were obtained from the estate of the late, Del Dunmire.

Robert Berdella Painting and Signed Cut Out Stencil