Peter William Sutcliffe who later changed his name to Peter William Coonan, was a British serial killer known as the "Yorkshire Ripper." Sutcliffe was convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others. He died in prison on November 13, 2020.


Boom box with a self-portrait of Sutcliffe he painted on the top and initialed P.W.S. 
Sutcliffe has also written a poem on one side. On the other side he writes, "Now don't say this is yours." Sutcliffe has painted all over the top and sides of this boom box and hand dated on the top 5 - 9 - 87.
Includes the original power cord which needs an adapter to be used in the United States.

This was purchased several years ago directly from a sibling of Sutcliffe. We are only able to ship this item within the United States. If you are outside the USA please email us for shipping options.

Peter Sutcliffe Boom Box With Poem And Self Portrait Artwork