Paul Dennis Reid fast food spree serial killer who murdered at least eight people and the perpetrator of Nashville's most notorious killings. In February 1997 Red entered a Donalson, TN Captain D's Restaurant, forced two employees into a cooler and shot them execution style. In March, he entered a McDonald's and forced three employees into a store room killing them execution style. He attempted to kill another employee who fortunately survived and testified against Reid at trial.
In April 1997 Reid entered a Clarksville, TN Baskin Robbins, kidnapped two employees, slitting their throats and dumping their bodies at Dunbar Cave State Park.  He is also believed to be responsible for a 1997 murder at a Shoney's. Reid who died on November 1, 2013 while awaiting execution is now being looked at in a high profile case out of Houston, Texas where he lived in 1980, just 11 miles away from where a triple homicide took place at a bowling alley. A man is on death row in Texas for the Houston bowling alley murders even though no physical evidence links him to the crime.

Two page handwritten letter dated December 21, 2004. Reid has drawn a happy face and a happy face heart on the first page and hand signed, Respectfully, Paul.
Includes the original prison stamped envelope signed hand signed, Paul Reid.

Paul Reid Letter And Envelope Both Signed