Patrick Wayne Kearney homosexual trashbag serial killer whose murders began in the 1960's and continued until his arrest in 1977. Kearney, a necrophiliac would shoot his victims without warning.  He would then mutilate and dismember his victims, discarding their remains in trash bags along freeways or in the desert. Kearney is not in the best of health these days. 

Three page handwritten letter dated January 24, 2002 with the second page being blank other than Pat numbering it page two. Hand signed twice at the close, Pat and then again below with his complete address, P.W. Kearney.

Includes the original prison stamped envelope postmarked January 2002  completely filled out by the trash bag killer and hand signed, P.W. Kearney,

Patrick Kearney Letter And Envelope Set Signed