Lawrence Bittaker serial killer dubbed the "Toolbox Killer.” Bittaker was sentenced to death in March 1981 while his accomplice Roy Norris received 45 years to life.

Three items lot. First a San Quentin Movie dated dated July 9th through September 29th and includes alternate movies at the bottom. Signed with his initials, LSB.

The second item is a photocopy of a newspaper article dated March 26, 1980 headline reads' Woman in Snapshot Found Alive'.

The third item is a copy of a letter from Bittaker's attorney dated January 1992 sent to the Los Angeles County homicide bureau.  The letter has been carbon copied to Stephen Key and Jerry Jansen.  Kay is most known for having prosecuted Bittaker and appearing at Charles Manson and Family parole hearings.

Lawrence Bittaker 3 Item Lot San Quentin Death Row