Keith Hunter Jesperson serial killer known as "The Happy Face Killer."
October 2009 article from People magazine sent by Jesperson to a friend.
Jesperson has initialed one page and signed the first page in full, Keith Hunter Jesperson.

Hand signed on the first page of the article, Keith Hunter Jesperson with his complete mailing address. He has also written on the third and fifth pages of the article including his initials twice the last page of the article. 

A total of 16 pages including the COMPLETE article which consists of 5 pages and magazine cover. This is NOT the complete magazine - only the pages which Jesperson sent to his friend.


Includes the original mailing envelope completely written by the Happy Face Killer and hand signed, Keith Jesperson.


This is one of the nicest Jesperson's pieces we've seen!

Keith Jesperson Signed People Magazine Article