Juan Vallejo Corona aka "The Machete Murderer" was California’s most prolific serial killer and held the record for the most murder convictions until the arrest and trial of Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Corona was convicted of killing 25 migrant workers although the number is believed to be much higher. He buried the victims remains in orchards around Yuba City, CA. Corona still holds the record for the most murder convictions in the state of California. Corona died of natural causes on March 4, 2019.

8 1/2" x 11" press photograph dated May 26, 1971 with one of the earliest photos of Corona we've seen. It reads, Juan V. Corona, Yuba City farm labor contractor shown in undated file photo, is suspect in slaying of at least 12 migrant field hands whose bodies were unearthed in orchard country along the Feather River. On the back is a clipped newspaper photo of the same picture of Corona.

Juan Corona 1971 Press Photo