John Wayne Gacy typed one page letter and original mailing envelope sent to his attorney dated, August 26, 1980 and hand signed, JW.

Gacy writes "Dear Sam, Enclosed please find the clipping that we were talking about. The one is on me about Franzen giving to the Sun Times, and Ralph's letter to him.  Also you'll find a letter I sent to Theodore Gottfried State appellate defender office, and the applicants wanted form. I have just sent letters off to Ruebner, and Grossman in regards to prison condition.  As I have told you before I have a on going feud with Sissy Franzen, I guess he got more then he bargain fore when he came to me asking me what are the problems on the unit.  You know how I am (Motor Mouth) well I let him know that he was wrong and I thought that he should do something about it since he is wrong.  I guess not since Hill who just got off the row in January has anyone spoke out at him, like I have.  Most of the guys will beef about the condition and then when the man comes around they are like lost sheep and won't open there mouth.  Well face to face I take him on and put him down in front of the wardens who walk with him. I have done time study about the programs and in some cases the warden has taken my idea and usd then.  I use the same method that I used in my own business, E.C.F.  Easier, cheaper, and faster.  Whatever you do you should at least have two of them.  You'll find it makes good sense. Well tomorrow is the last day for the typewriter for another two weeks.  I get used to typing and then have to go back to letter writing.  As you can see I am getting better and less mistakes. I have already been talking to the officer about Lindwall, If he comes down here he will be celled by me.  He is good to talk with, because he has a education and has a positive way about things which is hard to find.  I told you about him.  A colored guy from East St. Louis, he couldn't read or write.  Well I taught him to read and learn the letters, and now he is at least a third grade reader.  He is twenty three years old.  I couldn't believe it at first, I thought he was kidding.  Last week I showed him how to tie his shoes, he couldn't do it before.  You wonder what wrong with our school system that he could  get out of school without learning to read or write.  Anyway I spent a hour a day for two months and now three times a week.  I give him lesson to work in his cell.  Even the administration couldn't believe that I got him doing so well.  Sam, that's been a problem all my life I have always helped everyone else and not taking the time for myself and my own problems.  There is a lot of truth in that saying about you can't see the forest for the trees. Well before I get carried away with a long letter I will close for now. Say HI to the family and they boys in the office, fire district, and lighting district. Bye for now. Thanks again J.W."
The prison mailed envelope is postmarked August 26, 1980 Menard, Illinois.

John Wayne Gacy Signed 1980 Letter With Envelope