John Wayne Gacy aka the "Killer Clown" and "Pogo the Clown" was a Des Plaines, Illinois serial killer convicted of 33 murders and who was executed by the state of Illinois via lethal injection on May 10, 1994. 

3 1/2" x 5" photograph of a painting originally done by Gacy which was taken by the person who received it from John. He then sent the photo to Gacy who wrote on the back before returning the photo to the original owner of the painting.
Gacy has written on the back and signed with his name in print, 10" x 14" the opinions expressed in this oil painting are not those of the artist. This painting was painted by the request of its owner Paul. (insert last name), and is viewed as a collector item. Without reflexion of racism by the artist. Nor do I condone what the hooded men stand for. J. W. Gacy July 5th, 1988. 

John Wayne Gacy Photo of Klan Painting Signed