Gary Michael Heidnik an American murderer who kidnapped, tortured and raped six women who he kept as sex slaves in his basement at 3520 North Marshall Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was convicted of killing two of the women he held captive. Heidnik was executed by the State of Pennsylvania on July 6, 1999. 

Approximately 4" x 6" boldly signed portrait photo of his mug shot with a handwritten balloon caption revealing that, Heidnik possessed a keen, comical sense of himself.  The photo is an original full page image which was removed from a paperback true crime book on his case and mounted on card stock to make it strong and rigid. It was mailed to Heidnik to sign in 1991 and came back with the unexpected truly sardonic personal touch. 
This signed photograph includes an original 7" x 9" portion of a Philadelphia Newspaper's comic section upon which Heidnik hand wrote a comment and placed it in with some correspondence not long after he sent the signed photo.  This is the most unique and displayable Heidnik item we've ever seen!

Gary Heidnik Photo Signed with Notated Newspaper Article