Dennis Lynn Rader Wichita Kansas' notorious "Bind Torture Kill" serial killer aka BTK.  

8” x 10” four page letter on two sheets of paper. At the top of the first page he has initialed the top of the first page THREE TIMES, DLR! He has also intialed the back of pages 2 and 3, DLR and hand signed at the close in red ink, Cave Love, Dennis.

Includes a 4" x 8 1/2" hand drawn Thanksgiving card which opens to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" which has been signed with three variations of his signature, DLR, Dennis and again on the back of the card, Dennis L. Rader.

Rader also included two inserts of the same Seinfeld article from his copy of the Sunday November 16, 2014 Wichita Eagle.

 Includes the original prison stamped envelope postmarked November 24, 2014 and hand signed, Dennis L. Rader, with his and the recipient's complete addresses written by BTK.

Dennis Rader Handmade Thanksgiving Card Letter And Envelope Set All Signed