Charles Manson 8 1/2" x 11" two-sided handwritten letter with lots of ATWA content penned by Manson on his personal stationary which was made and sent to him by a friend.


Manson has written, "Ho, all life support systems are turned upside down backwards and inside out. And is at war with pollutions as with out AIR TREES WATER and ANIMALS life can't live. A survival ship ATWA is in George Washington's revelations and his navy boat was called pirates by all English words, thoughts, and concepts in my nows words ways in in as much as ATWA also means ALL the way alive.  All laws on my earth sky and water are made for survival first. I care about me my life why should I even think about bend to dum or bee bop.  Don't go for the big brain wash. Your enemy is the things that are destroying your life, pollution, bad air, water dying, billions of trees falling each day people are living to save their money and don't care about earth. They only care about rich, gold, money, jews. What good as all that without A.T.W.A. if you can't buy air, trees, food, flesh and blood of the animals they can't live. I never got my mind from schools and books, I got my mind from hobos, cons and retired guards in 55 years in this US retired sub. Grandad's world and his was one and dads WW2 and all the police actions the money people wouldn't let us clean it up they were just selling our sons and daughters. They sold their souls and it reflects back on the life from the dead people who left us. Oh well starting over one day at a time. Be cool I'm not a pen pal. I don't have much time. I've been used up. Easy, Charles Mac Manson."


Charles Manson Autographed Two Page Letter