Angel Resendiz aka "The Railway Killer", "The Railroad Killer" was a serial killer suspected of 23 murders in the United States and Mexico.  On June 21, 1999 Resendiz was added to the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List.  Resendiz was executed via lethal injection by the state of Texas on June 27, 2006.

This is an interesting piece in that it is a newsletter from another executed serial killer, Michael Bruce Ross' four page January 2000 newsletter and three additional pages sent by a pen pal of Ross to Resendiz. These were then mailed by Resendiz from county jail while he was awaiting trial. They are wrinkled at the top of each page which is how they were received from Angel.
Resendiz has signed each of the pages on the top, Angel 31618.
The first page has a handwritten note to Resendiz which is to the left of a photocopied handwritten note from Michael Ross to Karen. Karen writes, "Angel 0 Hope you get this it's from the man about whom I told you. Karen." 

Angel Resendiz Michael Ross Newsletter All Seven Pages Signed by The Railway Kil