Alfred Gaynor Springfield, MA handyman and crack head serial killer who killed at least nine women. This was Gaynor's original copy of the November 14, 2005 Boston Herald.  Headline reads "A Rogue's Gallery Serial killer's artwork will be auctioned on internet.  CON ARTIST: Bay State serial sex killer Alfred J. Gaynor's crayon drawing of Jesus, above right, will be auctioned online starting tomorrow.". At the time, nobody really knew the name, Alfred Gaynor, that is until a so-called victim's crime shyster made him a much sought after criminal name and collectible.  Two pages sent by Gaynor to a friend, he has dated the front "11/14/05" and drawn and arrow to the 2nd page.

Alfred Gaynor His Article from the Nov 14 2005 Boston Herald