William George "Bill" Bonin aka "The Freeway Killer" who was executed by the state of California on February 23, 1996. 

10" x 15" original artwork done on death row and completed the month before his execution. Bonin has dated, numbered and hand signed the front bottom left corner, 1-6-96 #128-1 Bill Bonin. 
Bonin has also inscribed the back of the piece to a close friend, he has titled and again signed twice on the back - "To: ____, it was a pleasure to do this drawing for you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Your Loving Friend and Brother in Christ, Bill Bonin January 6, 1996. Below he has titled, dated and signed, "Past And Present Curses Resolved - In Part #128-1, 1-6-96, William G. Bonin.

William Bonin Signed Artwork Past And Present Curses Resolved - In Part