Wayne Williams aka The Atlanta Child Murderer.... though Wayne was never convicted of murdering any children on "The List" Williams was convicted of killing two adult males and not long after his conviction, police closed most of the open child murder cases attributing them to Williams. Wayne has always maintained in innocence and many people including some of the victim's families believe he's not the person responsible for the murders and a lot of people who believe he did commit the murders.

8 1/2" x 11" two page handwritten letter dated December 3, 2013 and hand signed at the close, Wayne.
Wayne has drawn an illustration for what he is describing in the letter to the recipient which is calls, "Connect Community Offender Action Network."
Includes the original prison stamped envelope postmarked December 4, 2013. The envelope is completely written by Wayne and hand signed, Wayne Williams.

Wayne Williams Letter and Envelope Both Signed With Illustration