Wayne Adam Ford a convicted serial killer who awaits execution. This is his copy of the front page of the April 8, 1999 Times-Standard newspaper from California's north coast which includes his name and address at the Humboldt County Jail on the delivery sticker affixed to the top. The headline article is titled, "Jury opens Sund deaths probe" and is an article on three murders which serial killer Cary Stayner was later convicted of but at the time of this article, it names the arrest Cathy Clay, Eugene Earl Dykes, Jeffrey Wayne Keeney and Michael Roy who had also been questioned early on in the investigation to the three murders later attributed to Stayner. Below this is an article on Ford, headline reads, "Details out in grisly sex killing" and includes the 2nd part of the article which was clipped by Ford and sent to a friend. Ford did not including the remaining portion of the article on the Sunds killing. 
This will be shipped folded which is how it was received. An extremely interesting and one of a kind piece of true crime history!

Wayne Adam Ford Personal Copy April 1999 Times Standard Newspaper Articles