Theodore Bundy original Wenatchee World March 7, 1978 full page of newspaper articles.
There are three headlines on this page. They read, "What is the evidence in the case of Ted Bundy?", a second headline reads, "Very little is known about early life of Theodore Robert Bundy." The third headline reads, "Court refuses to reject appeal of Bundy's kidnapping conviction", and the fourth articles headline reads, "Parents haven't given up faith and hope for Bundy."

The back side of the Bundy articles includes an article on mass murderer Richard Speck and the headline reads, "Speck admits for the first time slaying seven of eight nurses."


The aricle is in fair condition with some stains and wear around the edges. This is one full page taken from the Wenatchee, WA paper.



Ted Bundy Richard Speck Wenatchee World 1978 Newspaper