Susan Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz was a convicted murderer and member of the Charles Manson Family. Atkins was convicted of eight murders including that of actress Sharon Tate. Originally sentenced to death, her sentence was commuted in life in prison when the Supreme Court briefly overturned the death penalty. 
Atkins died of brain cancer on September 24, 2009.

Incredible handwritten 7 page steamy lesbian love letter written by Atkins during her murder trial, sent to a girl who was testifying against her that's signed with her Manson Family nickname of " Sadie " ? Well, that's exactly what we're offering here! This is, undeniably, the most amazing Atkins letter to yet surface?  Get a load of this amazing content : My Dearest Kit, Woman, when I saw you walk in the courtroom today, my heart stood still, and my eyes beheld the beauty of you that is unsurpassed. From the softness of your satiny hair, to the tropical ocean blue of your eyes. My dear woman, what I saw in your eyes and heard in your voice made me tremble with joy in every fiber of my being. The look of love and the feeling of ecstasy went shooting through me like brilliant diamonds reflecting the sun's brightest rays ... Woman, what can I say? Wow, Kit, I know now that all that I have felt inside me for you is real and true . I cannot begin to express to you the beautiful change I see in You. The hardness is gone, leaving the gentle woman I know you are. I have waited all day to come "home" so I could write and express myself on paper which, by the way, is not enough. Pat and Leslie, my co-defendants, said to tell you " You are the most pleasant one that has walked into the trial since it started and that you check out A-1, Double Check, O.K. " They also said that you outshine anything they have seen in Sybil's 3000 or other wise. That you are of the highest quality and beauty since M A N S O N . Coming from them, my precious, is of the highest compliment. Wow, to put it simply, you turned them on and blew their minds and sent their imagination reeling. Now, from me, all I can say is I love you, My Cherrie-Amor, pretty woman, I adore you. I would love to be lying next to you right now, anywhere, feeling all of you. Why didn't you warn me, Kit, I think I am in a state of shock . I am walking on a cloud of love and do not desire to come down. Not even for a moment. I read your letters and wonder sometimes just why you sound so sad and depressed'cause, baby, you could have any woman you want just by flashing your eyes. I cannot seem to get your face and being out of my mind. My heart is pounding so loud it is a wonder you cannot hear it. You must realize, Kit, I am not hung up on you, I just love you for you and for the feeling it gives me. Let me be straight with you, Kit, I write and kite women inside and outside this place, but what I say to you is from me, inside, What I feel for you is for you only. What I say to other women is for what I feel for them. I had to let you know, I love and respect you completely and must be completely honest with You. I do not like to say that to you, but I had to let you know. As you have noticed, this letter is not censored. What you did today took a lot, I know, but the censors need not know about this particular letter. I am tired of blind eyes reading my words and taking them out of context and trying hard to use them against me, not knowing they cannot hurt me. I am going to take my shower and imagine I am under a jungle waterfall with you ...I just got out of the shower and you haven't left my thoughts for a moment. Pretty woman, stand by me and I'll make sure that it will be O.K. It seems as though I stand accused for loving the love I see. The prosecution wants to take the letter you testified to today and read it to the jury and you know what. The whole fucking world can read it for all I care. The love I see in you and feel in me is worth so much, I'd like to shout it from the highest mountain. No force on the face of this earth can harm me or mine. I will close for now and, please, come see me so we can look into each other's eyes. Let me know when you are coming, so I can cancel my visits and reserve them for you. Love is, Sadie Lady in the Dungeon.


How about that " jungle waterfall " bit ? In addition to this letter being a jaw-dropping same-sex sizzler, it's actually a fairly important association piece, too. Kitt Fletcher, the girl to whom this letter was written, was a former cellmate of Susan's at the Sybil Brand Institute for Women.Susan became so enamored of Kitt, that while on trial for her life, she sent Fletcher several indiscreet letters containing legally damaging statements throughout. The jailhouse mail censors alerted the prosecution, who were able to present passages from the letters to the jury as confessions of complicity and guilt in the Tate murders. Kitt's having to testify in court about the incriminating letters from Atkins became a major stumbling block for Susan's defense team and is discussed in Vincent Bugliosi's best-selling book Helter Skelter. The letter is seven pages long with handwritten text on the fronts and backs of four mildly rumpled sheets of 5 x 8 " paper and comes with the original hand signed envelope. Susan's writing on these items is in light pencil, and is particularly light on the envelope but appears a tad more faint in the scans below than to the naked eye. The way the scanner light played on the shiny lead pencil strokes caused them to look a bit lighter than they really are and somewhat uneven in tone. In person, the writing is completely legible and the tone is uniform throughout. The letter and the envelope are both signed " Sadie ", which was Susan's infamous Manson Family nickname and a form of her signature that she absolutely hasn't signed in some 40 years, making this a really unprecedented piece. 

Susan Atkins 1970 Letter Signed Sadie Lady In The Dungeon