Sister Clemmie, who became a minister and close friend serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas while he was in county jail awaiting trial. Lucas and Toole claimed to be part of the Hand of Death Cult and the pair confessed to hundreds of murders and even claimed to cannibalize some of their victims.

Three page handwritten letter hand dated August 23, 1989. She writes about having just come from a visit with Lucas, interesting content all about Lucas, Clemmie states how much time Joel Norris spent with Lucas as she was present and that what was written in his book about serial killers regarding Lucas is allegedly not factual. The says that she is the only one who has known Henry on a daily basis for years and they do not read articles, books or magazines about his case since they are not factual. She talks about the Texas Rangers having her persuade Henry to talk with certain individuals and much more.
Signed, Sister Clemmie.

This letter makes for an extremely interesting perspective regarding Henry Lucas being that Sister Clemmie was closer to him than anyone since the time of his arrest.

Sister Clemmie Letter and Envelope Set Signed Henry Lee Lucas