Sandra Collins Good aka "Blue" a longtime member of the Charles Manson Family. 

6" x 6 1/2" handwritten two sided unsigned letter on one sheet of paper with interesting content. Good writes, "Nick, This enclosed ticket is from my trip to Corcoran the day I sat outside the gate for 4 hours. I'm still waiting to hear from Sacramento re visits.
The situation in Corcoran is very bad for CM I thought Michael's book would be using some of your cartoons which would only add to CM's torment by the guards. People have no idea of what CM has been carrying these past 20 years. They just want to use him for whatever they are thinking, doing etc. There are so many noisy machines in this town - leaf blowers, etc.
Also, I wrote Cathy Gillies about a month ago and told her you'd like to hear from her. After 20 years of exploitation you can see why we withdraw. Red has ceased writing anyone and I have also nearly. ATWA is our thought and it grieves me to see how little mind people have for natural life on earth.
Got a good note from Michael. He seems to understand my feelings and will rectify what he can. I like him and really felt betrayed. I think in time he will understand why. He has the intelligence and idealism to come to see that 99% of who reads his book will do nothing but figure out ways to use the thought, sell it - whatever. I'm just adamant that anyone who professes to be my friend consult me or better yet CM before using our names in anyway.
I just got my mail, went to park to read it and came upon senior citizens day. So I'm in the American Legion Hall viewing a 1944 video of Hanford in 1944. Mostly people shots and one long segment - all visual with music background of huge chemical plant. Nice 40's music - faces and clothes look similar to now. Old man in seat in front of me wearing sneakers  and stone washed jeans is looking at a calendar called Sensuous Seniors - yes - pics of sexy seniors. This is California. Before I left Vt - I did the research for the State's Bicentennial newspaper... I'm a natural historian - can't help it and here I am again picking brains. First people I talked with were 90 year old Indians about to lose their home on the south part of town. A soulful place that once had rabbits, chickens, etc. but town is fast modernizing - ie going to hell.

Sandra Good Handwritten Letter Manson Family