Roy Lewis Norris who along with his co-defendant Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker are known as the "Murder Mack" and "Toolbox Killers".  The pair were convicted of 5 murders in Southern California.  Bittaker was sentenced to death while Norris received 45 years to life for his testimony against Bittaker.

Bittaker died in prison on December 13, 2019 and Norris passed away on February 24, 2020.

4" x 6" hand painted Christmas card back when Roy took his time doing hand painted cards for the holidays.  Includes a handwritten message written on the inside which reads, "(recipient's name) .... Well, I've finally received most of the hobby supplies that I've always wanted.  larger paper and better quality watercolors!  I hope to respond to your kindness - soonest!  Had a tooth pulled Thursday (The 9th) morn --> after 2 weeks of agony.  Enjoy the Holidays!  Smile!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Roy L. Norris 12/04".

On the back bottom he has written and hand signed, "Holly"... (variation)... Acrylic paints on 90 lb. w/c paper - mounted on 150 lb. tag board - painted by: Roy L. Norris.

Roy Norris Hand Painted Christmas Card Signed