Roy Lewis Norris who along with his co-defendant Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker were known as the "Murder Mack" and "Toolbox Killers." The pair were convicted of 5 murders in Southern California. Bittaker was sentenced to death while Norris received 45 years to life.



4" x 6" hand painted Christmas card back when Roy took his time doing hand painted cards for the holidays.  Includes a handwritten message written on the inside which reads, "(recipient's name) .... Well, I've finally received most of the hobby supplies that I've always wanted.  larger paper and better quality watercolors!  I hope to respond to your kindness - soonest!  Had a tooth pulled Thursday (The 9th) morn --> after 2 weeks of agony.  Enjoy the Holidays!  Smile!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Roy L. Norris 12/04".

On the back bottom he has written and hand signed, "Holly"... (variation)... Acrylic paints on 90 lb. w/c paper - mounted on 150 lb. tag board - painted by: Roy L. Norris.

Roy Norris Hand Painted Christmas Card Signed