Roy Lewis Norris who along with his co-defendant Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker were known as the "Murder Mack" and "Toolbox Killers." The pair were convicted of 5 murders in Southern California. Bittaker was sentenced to death while Norris received 45 years to life.


One page letter dated July 5, 2004 hand signed, Roy L. Norris. Norris has affixed a food tray ticket to the bottom also hand signed, Roy L. Norris. Also enclosed is a chicken  breast meal label hand signed, Roy L. Norris. 
Included is a visiting application hand signed, Roy L. Norris.
The original prison stamped envelope from Norris includes a drawing of  chickadee done in acrylic and hand signed in the upper left corner, Roy L. Norris.

Roy Norris Letter Visiting Application And More Envelope All Signed