Postcard from Roger Dale Smith who was known by inmates and correctional staff as 'Pincushion' throughout the California Prison System. RD was stabbed more times than any other inmate in the California Department of Corrections during his five decades of incarceration in the California Prison System. Roger Dale Smith was on death row when Manson arrived there in 1971. Manson has said that he learned a lot from RD and that RD is the best of the worst. Roger Dale Smith passed away years ago from cancer. RD also co-authored and contributed much of the material to Ed George, who wrote a book about his experiences with Roger Dale Smith and Charles Manson - Taming the Beast.


8 1/2" x 11" inmate appeal form hand signed four times. Once, Smith, and three times hand signed, Roger Dale Smith. This has also been signed twice by staff with their responses to RD.

Roger Dale Smith Inmate Appeal Signed Four Times