lRobert Andrew Berdella deceased Missouri serial killer dubbed "The Kansas City Butcher" and "The Collector" who kidnapped, raped, tortured at murdered at least six men between 1984 and 1987.

18" x 24" Bob's Bazaar Bizarre Westport Flea Market advertisement believed to have been made by Berdella and among his property at the time of his arrest on April 2, 1988.
The advertisement board features the various vendors at the time in the Wesport Flea Market consisting of; Bill Enes, Dave and Virgil, Bob's Bazaar Bizarre Booth, Lois Chamberlain's, ANKH and Paul Howell Booth whose son, Jerry Howell was one of Berdella's victims. 

All Berdella items were obtained from the estate of the late Del Dunmire.

Robert Berdella Bob's Bazaar Bizarre Westport Flea Market Advertisement