Randy Steven Kraft, "Scorecard Serial Killer", "Freeway Killer" and "Southern California Strangler" who raped, mutilated and tortured at least 16 men with a body count believed to be at 67.


This lot consists of personal items which belonged to the reclusive "Scorecard Killer" while on San Quentin's death row. 

Included in this lot are Randy's walkman with headphones and cassette tapes with the original mailing box which is 13" x 10" x 4 1/2" and weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds. 

This lot of personal effects consists of Kraft’s death row prison Walkman, headphones, 9 cassette tapes, various letters referencing the Walkman, the tapes and the agreement to trade the contents of the box for a CD player and various CD’s Randy was upgrading to.

There are two full signatures on the order forms and three partial signatures in the letters. There are also several invoices and receipts that Randy provided as proof that these are/were his Walkman and cassette tapes. In one letter which serves as a letter of authenticity, he itemizes each tape and gives a critical review of each tape. Randy clearly wanted to make certain that this transaction was thorough, well documented and there would be no doubt that these items were his.

One original box from San Quentin with Randy Kraft's handwritten address used to ship the Walkman and tapes

One two-page Special Purchase Order for a CD player and 13 CD’s with 2 original full signatures

One typed letter with a review of each of the 9 tapes

One typed three-page letter with envelope discussing the Walkman cassette player, the tapes and the purchase of the CD player/CDs.

Two typed letters with envelope referencing the Walkman, tapes and CD player with 2 partial signatures

One manila envelope which contains one letter with partial signature and 8 pages of various receipts and documents evidencing the purchase of the Walkman, headphones and the 9 cassette tapes.

Randy Kraft Prison Owned Walkman Headphones With 9 Tapes, 4 Signed Letters Inclu