Michael Joseph Paprskar whose crime spree covered more than half a century. It began in the 1950's when at the age of 19 Paprskar slashed the neck of a sailor over whiskey. In the 1960's he shot a man between the eyes for stealing a tire. In 1970 he was involved in the murders of two brothers and ordering the killing of one of the men's 4 year old child. He had his sentence overturned by an appeals court and he was released to continue his crime spree.

14" x 21" extremely detailed pencil artwork done while he was on Texas death row in the mid 1970's. This vintage piece was sold at the hobby store at the Eliis One Unit during his brief time on death row. He has hand signed the back and titled this piece, Mike Paprskar Ellis "Reunion."

Michael Paprskar Death Row Artwork Signed