Lawrence Bittaker serial killer dubbed the "Murder Mack" and "Toolbox Killer.” Bittaker was sentenced to death in March 1981 while his accomplice Roy Norris received 45 years to life.

6" x 10" handmade Charles Manson Family pop up greeting card. The front reads, “The family that prays together”, the card opens up and reads, “Slays Together!” When the card is opened, up pops Charles Manson standing in front of three women; Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten and Susan Atkins. Hand signed on the back, 2019 @ SQSP, Lawrence S. Bittaker.

Bittaker's pop up cards are among the best prison art or crafts we’ve seen in 30 years of collecting. Larry doesn't make many greeting cards and it has always been like pulling teeth to get them! Even more so when it comes to his Pogo the Clown, Manson Family and shark cards as Larry is unlike most prisoners and has no real incentive to make them, in addition to the prison coming down on him for the Pogo and Manson cards. These pop up cards are among the most sought after as the prison confiscated some he had made several years ago deeming them to be offensive.

Hand signed on the back, Lawrence S. Bittaker.

Includes the prison manila envelope in which Bittaker included it that has his last name and housing written on the inside back flat of the envelope.

Lawrence Bittaker Charles Manson Family Pop Up Card Signed