Kenneth Glenn Thomas aka Birdshit, convicted of killing Flossie McLemore. The 82 year old McLemore was found in her middle bedroom, naked with only her nightgown pulled around her chest. Her legs in an unnatural position. Wounds were found on her neck, chest, abdomen and pubic area.  She sustained several broken ribs. There was a trail of blood from the body to Thomas' car. Thomas admits to being in her house and opening her Bible and reading the twenty third Psalm to her but claims she was dead when he got there. Sentenced to death, Thomas later has his sentence reduced to life without parole. 
11 pages titled 'Mental Retardation And The Death Penalty" about the case of Kenneth Glenn Thomas and what led from his sentence being commuted from death to life.  
Also includes an inmate money order deposit form and the original mailing envelope signed, Kenneth Glenn Thomas.

Kenneth Glenn Thomas Evaluation Paperwork With Signed Envelope