Joseph Martin Danks a Michigan drifter turned serial killer known as the Koreatown Slasher. One of the craziest men currently housed on California's Death Row. In fact, any other condemned prisoners on California's death row who I've heard comment on Danks says that he is one of the, if not the craziest prisoner currently housed there.  Danks was convicted of murdering six transient men, three weeks after he was given a life sentence, Danks strangled to death his 67 year old cellmate, Walter Holt. During his 1993 trial, he stabbed one of his attorneys with a copper wire he smuggled into the courtroom. Danks was sentenced to death and currently awaits execution.
Letter on NBC MEDIUM Advertisement, written on both sides. Includes the original prison stamped mailing envelope. Danks has written "EMERGENCY" filling up the back of the mailing envelope.

Joseph Danks Card Fand Envelope