They Call Him Mr. Gacy COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT and two Pogo the Clown oil paintings titled 'They Call Him Mr. Gacy'. 

Includes two one of a kind original 9" x 12" paintings done on death row by serial killer, John Wayne Gacy of his alter ego Pogo the clown. 

Includes the complete original manuscript of the actual letters received by Gacy while he was on death row awaiting execution which are published in this book. Plus all of the letters Gacy replied to and are published in his first book, "They Call Him Mr. Gacy". Gacy has signed each of the CC: FILE letters. Here's your opportunity to own an amazing piece of True Crime History which includes the original handwritten letters received by John Wayne Gacy on death row.  Including letters from Truman Capote, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

Paintings are titled and signed, "They Call Him Mr. Gacy J. Gacy Book Oil 839 Book Cover I" and "They Call Him Mr. Gacy J.W. Gacy Book Cover II oil 840".

John Wayne Gacy They Call Him Mr Gacy Manuscript and Two Oil Paintings


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