Killer clown serial killer John Wayne Gacy executed by the State of Illinois on May 10, 1994.

Two page typed letter dated October 14, 1980 and hand signed, J.W.
This letter was written by Gacy shortly after he arrived on Illinois Death Row and his addressed to attorneys Sam Amirante and Robert Motta.

In part Gacy writes, "Well Sam, your girlfriend Julie Bitchface wrote again.  She wants to know why I haven't written her..." "Bob keep me informed as to weather or not I will be coming to Chicago for that civil matter.  Did you get the records from Leroy Stevens?  Did you understand what I meant about the transcripts? Say what is the name of the attorney or the case that you were talking about, that could change the chapter 38 9-1 murder laws?"

Includes the original typed mailing envelope postmarked Menard, IL Oct 15, 1980.  

John Wayne Gacy Signed Two Page Attorney Letter With Envelope


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