John Wayne Gacy 6" x 8" handmade birthday card from death row and made for Gacy on his 51st birthday. The card shows a clown smoking a cigar on the front.

The card has been signed by a total of nine death row inmates including Andrew Kokoraleis and John Wayne Gacy. Gacy has signed the front of the card, John Wayne Gacy. A shamrock is drawn on the inside and reads, "Happy Birthday to the card playing champ!  Your only as old as you look.  Hey, 70 isn't bad."  The signatures on this card include Andrew Kokoraleis of the Chicago Rippers who, like Gacy, was executed by the state of Illinois. The complete list of condemned inmates who signed this card are; Boss T. , Ash, Peter, Koko (Andrew), rick, John P. Ellis and Chuck.

John Wayne Gacy Clown Birthday Card Signed Nine Times