John Edward Swindler executed by the State of Arkansas on June 18, 1990 for the murder of officer Randy Basnett.

Four page handwritten letter on 8 1/2" x 14" yellow lined paper hand dated Sept 2, 1989. Swindler writes about his death sentence, graphic sexual content, The Temple Of Set, The Church Of Satan and more. Hand signed, Later Friends, John E. Swindler.

Includes the original prison mailing envelope signed,"John Edward Swindler.

Includes an original insert of a letter written by Swindler and mailed to the editor of a Pine Bluff, AR newspaper which starts by saying "I'm a satanist, I am unable to worship my Lord proper due to the bias and prejudiced, so called Christians in this stupid prison system."

John Edward Swindler Signed Letter and Envelope Set