John Hinckley Jr.  one page letter dated September 22, 1982 and hand signed, John H. 
Includes the original mailing envelope with his complete return address signed, Hinckley.
John Hinckley has written:  (insert name), I thank you for the Japanese book about Jodie.  It has some very good pictures of her that I've never seen before.  So you want to know what I do all day!  I play pool,listen to the radio, watch T.V., answer mail, play my guitar, read a book, eat my meals, take a shower, see my therapist, write poetry and think about Jodie.  I'll be here for awhile.  The next time I can have a hearing for release is February.  John H." Mailing envelope hand signed, Hinckley, with complete mailing address penned in his hand. The letter speaks for itself, it clearly shows at the time that he was still obsessed with Jodie Foster. This type of content you won't soon see again from one of America's most notorious historical figures.

John Hinckley Letter with Jodie Foster Content and Envelope Both Signed