Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer infamous Milwaukee serial killer and cannibal who was murdered in prison by Christopher J. Scarver.Seven documents, a total of 8 pages in all. These are copies of documents from Jeff's time at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, WI and one from his stay in county jail. These copies were obtained by attorneys representing the man who ultimately murdered Dahmer in prison. Included is a canteen order form dated Oct. 6, 1992. Dahmer jokingly adds cyanide tablets to his canteen order. The staff didn't find this funny and he was was written up for it. A copy of the incident report /write up is also included. There is a 2nd incident report, 2 pages in length, dated February 25, 1992 in which staff overheard other inmates discussing potentially harming Dahmer. There is also a one page 'adult conduct report' from county jail dated December 29, 1991 in which Dahmer was written up for making a prison shank. Also included is a report dated October 14, 1992 in which Dahmer's attorney requested when he was asked to be a witness and sign Dahmer's will. There are two more documents included. One is from the warden dated Sept. 3, 1991 informing staff of Dahmer being moved to State prison. The other report is dated January 30, 1992 from the warden discussing how the facility and staff will manage Jeff Dahmer as an inmate.



Jeffrey Dahmer 8 Pages of 1991-92 Prison Documents