Douglas Clark convicted Sunset Strip Slayer who received death while his co-defendant Carol Bundy received a lesser sentence. 

8 1/2" x 11" four prison letter with the first page written on a quote at the top of the page from Douglas Clark in 1982. hand signed at the close, Love and Peace to you, Doug.
On the back of the PS Doug has drawn an illustration of a college football game and signed, Doug.
There are an additional 13 pages of inserts and one original newspaper article from Doug. There are also a couple of more, Doug signatures included on some of the inserts. One of the inserts includes stories about female serial killer Dorothea Puente, and Clark's ex girlfriend and co-defendant Carol Marie Bundy.

Includes the original prison mailed envelope hand signed on the front, Douglas Clark and again on the bottom right with a handwritten message and signed, Doug. Clark has also written a poem on the back of the envelope.

Douglas Clark Signed Letter and Envelope Set With 14 Inserts


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