Douglas Clark along with his lover Carol Bundy was convicted in a string of 1980 murders dubbed the Sunset Strip Murders/Slayings which took place in California.  Clark has always maintained his innocence and says that the murders were committed by Carol Bundy and Jack Murray who Carol was convicted of decapitating and killing. 

1997 CDC 602 Inmate Appeal, two 8 1/2" x 11" pages.  One page is a copy where Clark is requesting that funds be placed on his account stating it is an illegal state tax.  On the 2nd page the prison has responded by denying his request. Signed by two staff members and dated February 1997. Clark has replied to the denial below writing, "You flunked math? 20% of 15.00 = 3.00 not 6.00 fool" with a longer response written by Clark.  Hand signed, Douglas Clark 3/10/1997.

Douglas Clark Prison Appeal Signed