Dennis Lynn Rader Wichita Kansas' Bind Torture Killer serial murderer aka BTK.  

Casio watch Module 586 1156 which work's perfectly and comes with the original user's guide hand dated by Rader on the back. The watch and user's manual were placed inside of an envelope mailed to Rader with his copy of the November 2, 2014 Wichita Eagle Holiday Cookbook on which he has circled the letter E and folded over the envelope which holds the watch.
Includes an original receipt from when Rader purchasd this watch in 2012. The receipt is hand signed and dated, Dennis Rader 2-8-12.
Also included is the original prison stamped envelope on which Rader has written on both sides that the mailing includes a non paper item.

Dennis Rader BTK Casio Watch And Signed Envelope