Dennis Lynn Rader Wichita, Kansas Bind Torture Killer serial murderer aka "BTK" who was captured in 2005, three decades after his killing spree began.

Two page handwritten letter dated March 2017 hand signed, Dennis. Includes a cave love doodle at the close. Not sure if everything listed after the letter is enclosed. 

This does have the upper portion of the Wichita Eagle collections for payment which BTK has hand signed twice, Dennis L. Rader, and DLR, along with the original mailing envelope.

There is also a page from a magazine and it appears per Rader's request that the recipient of this letter made a copy of the Wichita Eagle collections letter for payment.

Includes the 6" x 9" prison stamped mailing envelope postmarked March 23, 2017 penned entirely by BTK and hand signed, Dennis L. Rader.

Dennis Rader Letter with Collections and Envelope Set Signed