Dennis Lynn Rader Wichita Kansas' Bind Torture Killer serial murderer aka BTK.  

8 1/2" x 14" two page handwritten letter on the front and back of one sheet of paper and hand signed in ink, Dennis.
Rader has included a hand drawn Halloween artwork card hand signed four times! Twice on the front with his initials, DLR, and two more times, once on the bottom front and once on the back, Dennis L. Rader." The full signature on the front is dated and hand signed in red ink.
Includes the original prison stamped mailing envelope postmarked October 27, 2014 and completely written by Rader and hand signed, Dennis L Rader.
There are also two handwritten lines by Rader on the back of the envelope.

Dennis Rader BTK Signed Happy Easter Drawing With Envelope Art