Damien Guerrero and Kinzie Noordman lured their friend Kelly Bullwinkle San Timoteo, Redlands, California in 2003 both shooting her and burying her in a shallow grave, covering her body with a couch. The couple then had the audacity to help search for their missing/murdered friend and even attended her memorial service. The case was covered in a 2014 sensationalized episode of, "I Killed My BFF"

8 1/2" x 11" one page typed letter hand signed, Damien Guerrero. 
He has also typed a poem on the back of the letter.
Includes the original prison stamped envelope with a bat drawn in the upper left front corner. On the back he has written his complete return address and hand signed, Damien M. Guerrero.  

Damien Guerrero Letter and Envelope Both Signed