Damien Echols who along with Charles Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr. were released from prison on August 19, 2011.  Known as the West Memphis Three convicted of the Robin Hood Hills child murders in which three eight year old boys were killed in West Memphis, AR.
Their convictions were not overturned and instead they agreed to an Alford Plea. Damien Echols one page handwritten letter from death row. 
He writes, "Dearest ____, I've never admitted this before in my life, but I'm scared.  No, I'm beyond scared.  I'm shitting in my pants.  And being executed is the least of my worries.  Everything seems so strange these days.  Everything is a little darker, a little more sinister.
You know what I realized, really realized today?  Even if I was released right now, I no logner even have a home to go to.  I wouldn't even have a fucking pair of underwear!  I'm a ghost, ____.  I'm a god damned ghost.  And the scariest part is that I was never really alive to begin with.  Or maybe I was once alive, and I was just so blind, deaf (sic) and stupid that I never even knew it.  And now I'm a fucking ghost.   I was mad as hell when you came all this way and then couldn't even get an appointment.  If I ever find out who the shit head is that stole your appointment and then didn't even show up, I'm going to have them permanently taken off my visitation list.  I'm sorry about that, I really didn't know.   So I heard I'm supposed (sic) to be in line as the lucky number 7.  Ain't life a kick in the teeth?  I don't feel dead yet. :)    Don't worry about that shit, I've still got a couple of hundred good years left yet.  :)  
I'll talk to you soon.  Your Friend Forever, Damien."

Damien Echols Letter from Death Row Signed