Charles Manson letter received by Manson from a pen pal.  He has written a letter on the back side and also written on the front and sent this to former Manson Family member, Lori Walleman aka Ansom 13.  Manson writes, "Asom do you care outside ? If you do and want to pick a her up caldwell and this blast do so 4 you and mymes one circle world love now smile. On the back he has written and signed, "Some nut working in the mail room trying to git (sic) in your some - some what is not in my play - your behand in that and on that wheel of real in as much as that. Your generation and so on and on. Maybe T.J. needs some other head for a while.  I got jack off and his hand madens (sic) about the some age and I myself am older than graveyards sleeping in winks and bells thats been ringing.  PS - Every one wants to test there trust in someone else and they trust no one.  Thanks, Manson.  and you 1 3 4 or more or m o?? It's your love."

Charles Manson Signed Letter Written On A Pen Pal Letter Sent To Manson Family M