Charles Manson 8 1/2" x 11" one page which has some water damage on the right center of the page but all the words and lyrics written by Manson are still readable.  Manson has written the lyrics to 'Always Is Always Forever' written and on the other side is a letter written to Manson's son, Michael Brunner who he calls, Sunstone Hawk or Pooh Bear. Manson writes, "To Sunstone Hawk in blue. I'll never say never to always never say never to nun. To seem is to dream a dream my love, cause one is one is one. 4 always is all in forever, cause one is one is one look inside for your father, all is one all is one all is one. Time is time to call time up from behind you.  The illusion has been just a dream - hey now! and now is where I'll find you some where on a sunshine beam.  

Are you hoping or praying as the soul keeps weighing judgment of a love that you were taught is up above. Or is there us one in your world but you knew it come on through it just a finger on a hand. Nothing wasted alls been tasted just a grain of sand. Why should I say do or die.  Why should I say laugh or cry it's all up to you why should I say laugh or cry you know what to do.  Why do I say anythings its all up to you do you live in your own world."

The second page is a letter written by Manson to his son, Michael Brunner.  Manson writes, "Your the sun stone and hawk a bag of guts and bones air trees water animals.  That is all life. The will of God is all will the people that took your will are not your friend.  A walking hawk has no friends. Fears faces plays puss and what it can get to re do yourself. Women play hope.  I don't give hope.  Your so called mother loved the you she wanted you to be for her. Your her her as I gave sun stone hawk a year of as much of me as I could show the soul. There are no rides. Catch a train and find yourself as you do. Your not my anything you are your everything.  I gave and give nothing.  The sun gives ATWA that's all there is no me in it for no you there is only one God.  My now will never change it is set and will grow forever it is itself in the will of all colors and meet (sic) of my body is less that the bird. The bird flys (sic) with the soul.

This is a letter to my son he's not here and didn't wright but one letter in 33 years I sent his letter back unopened and become my own son. Manson"

Charles Manson Signed Always Is Always Forever Lyrics