Charles Manson letter written on 8 1/2" x 11" green paper and signed at the close.  Manson writes, "4 = 3 again and 1 once more. So state of when we lived in a soul centered way of life style of ranch I was not in to words per say. Oh yeah, Cappy, I feel a need to talk to you this paper game is not my stick.  Our moment of meeting has never passed through my soul and I feel we are locked beyond the individuals face play of egos and words. Time is not with in our circle. It's beyond an interaction and others actions have put us in a (Manson has drawn a swastika and an X and what they equal) I feel I failed you.  I had no time and I was spent when we met yet I still feel empty's of our soul need to balance. Easy, Charles Mac Manson."

Charles Manson ATWA Stationary Letter Signed